TRACBLAST is contracted by The DAA to remove the excess rubber form Dublin and Cork Airport.  Our rotating water jet technology maximizes the power of ultra-high pressure (UHP) water – up to 40,000psi, or 2,800bar – and sets the standard for runway maintenance productivity.  Airports who use water jetting find it extremely productive because it:

  • Remove rubber built up quickly with no damage to the pavement mat.It completely removes markings, coatings, thermal epoxies, and curing compounds.
  • It Works quickly, minimizing runway downtime
  • Cleans deep into runway grooves
  • Leaves concrete and asphalt undamaged
  • Creates a stronger bond for relining
  • Eliminates dust and debris, with vacuum recovery
  • Saves labour, since fewer operators are needed
  • Ensures no environmental or personal exposure to abrasive media or chemicals


A range of equipment size is available to provide effective solutions based on local needs, project size and scope. The blasting equipment is designed to be mobile and clean.  The blasting equipment is highly mobile and leaves the runways ready for immediate operation if required due to unforeseen circumstances.

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