The blasting process is highly adjustable to produce any specified texture. The self contained, customized solution allows for significant improvement in both macrotexture and microtexture improving friction levels on both asphalt and concrete surfaces.
This rejuvenation processes for asphalt roads and runways can improve the useful life of these valuable surfaces.

The high cost both financially and environmentally, of traditional resurfacing solutions for mature asphalt causes transportation agencies to seek alternative methods for extending the life of the pavement.  Improvements can be realised in localised areas such as problematic intersections and curves to entire roadways and runways.

This surface preparation method can be used to enhance the penetration of rejuvenation or surface enhancement products such as High Friction surfacing.

The process provides a clean surface for uniform penetration which allows superior bonding characteristics. Friction coefficient for asphalt surfaces can be improved leaving an attractive surface with improved safety characteristics.
The combination of increased penetration and improved friction effectively extends the useful life of asphalt surfaces resulting in significant cost savings of up to 70%.

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